Table of Contents, Volume 5 Issue 2, November 2011

Derek R. Hall
Tourism Development in Contemporary Central and Eastern Europe: Challenges for the Industry and Key Issues for Researchers 
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Branislav Chrenka, Vladimír Ira
Transformation of Tourist Landscapes in Mountain Areas: Case Studies from Slovakia
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Zsófia Papp, Ágnes Raffay
Factors Influencing the Tourism Competitiveness of Former Socialist Countries
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Elena Matei
The Ecotourism’s Development in the Romanian Carpathians’ Protected Areas: Facts, Figures and Needs
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George Erdeli, Ana Irina Dincă, Aurel Gheorghilaş, Camelia Surugiu
Romanian Spa Tourism: A Communist Paradigm in a Post Communist Era
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Istvan Egresi
The Curse of the Gold: Discourses Surrounding the Project of the Largest Pit-mine in Europe 
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Murtala Ibraheem Chindo
Communities Perceived Socio-economic Impacts of Oil Sands Extraction in Nigeria
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Daniela Zamfir, Cristian Tălângă, Ilinca Valentina Stoica
Assessing Geo‐demographic Dysfunctionalities within the Urban‐rural Interface. Case Study: The Cities of Botosani County
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Aurelia-Felicia Stăncioiu, Anca-Daniela Vlădoi, Ion Pârgaru, Mirela Mazilu, Octavian Arsene
Bucharest: Analysis of an ‘Old’ Destination with a New Tourism Identity
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Jovo Medojevic, Sasa Milosavljevic Milan Punisic
Paradigms of Rural Tourism in Serbia in the Function of  Village Revitalisation
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