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Montenegrins in Vojvodina province, Serbia

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This article talks about the origin of Montenegrins in Vojvodina, their identity, development of their number and then about the age – gender structure. It gives the insight how old is the Montenegrins population and if it is in general older than population in Vojvodina. Particular attention was given to the period from the second half of 20th and at the begin-ning of 21st century. The main task of the paper was the identification of tendencies in the age structure of Montenegrins. Statistical methods and mathematics proceedings are used to compare different parameters of the age structure. The interviews were carried with the aim to find out the reply on question where the one third of Montenegrins had disap-peared during the last decade. The results of the study will enhance the knowledge about demographic characteristics of Montenegrins in Vojvodina and therefore might be useful for further research in the field.

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Issue: Volume 8, Issue 1, 2014