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Farming economies in Ukraine by resource potential aggregate

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This paper is aiming to present the concept of ‘resource potential aggregate of farming economies’ and trial an analysis of agriculture development units based on it. The resource potential aggregate takes into consideration the following: interconnected labour, materials and land resources. As a whole functioning mechanism, they predene the perspectives of their own development objectively and determine its level. Quantitative estimations, such as costs (to start with) related to the economies of the farming associations, land use structure and territorial productivity, have been disclosed as methodological specicities concerning the value of resource potential aggregate. It is asserted that land resources play the leading role in the structure of resource potential aggregate (over 76 %). They are followed by capital assets (nearly 15%), and labour resources (nearly 9%). The ‘Prychornomorskyy’, the ‘Prydniprovskyy’ and the Central economic units known as ‘rayons’ are characterised as keepers of the highest resource potential aggregate of economies of farming associations. NorthWestern and the Carpathian show the lowest values. Meanwhile, the highest rayons territorial productivity of resource potential aggregate is to be noticed in the economies of farming associations of Podilskyy, Carpathian and Stolychnyy rayons in Ukraine.

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Issue: Volume 11, Issue 2, 2017