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Contemporary administrative division and historically shaped regional borders: a comparative analysis in Poland


The administrative division of Poland changed several times over centuries, and the last decades witnessed a few significant border shifts. Socio-economic or political criteria usually created the foundations of proposed new administrative division, while historical criteria were generally ignored. The author postulates that borders’ historical durability itself should be evaluated higher than it was to date, because it supports the creation of objective regions, provides political stability and reinforces the formation of regional identity. The basis for the analysis was the overlapping of 21 maps showing the external borders of Poland and the borders of administrative units of the first order between 990 and 2020. The map-based comparison has revealed that a surprisingly high share of present borders follows former borders. This provides strong support to the postulate of ceasing further changes in Poland’s administrative division and border changes.

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Issue: Volume 14, Issue 1, 2020