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Role of women education for fertility reduction: a case study of Sagar district, India

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Providing equal access to education, especially to women, is a key pillar for achieving sustainable development goal. Good quality education improves the individual as well as social development through increasing occupational opportunities, women empowerment; reducing the burden of diseases, poverty, mortality as well as fertility. The present study investigates the connection between education on fertility and also analyses the changes in this dynamic relationship from 1981 to 2011 in Sagar district, India. This study included primary (field survey) as well as secondary data analysis (Census of India). Logistic regression analysis measured the likelihood of women from various socio-economic backgrounds in three different educational levels of using contraception. Decomposition analysis was done to find out the educational composition change on temporal scale fertility change. Results highlighted the role of female education on fertility and dynamics of relationship which may be used for policymakers in developing areas alike Sagar District.

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Issue: Volume 14, Issue 1, 2020