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Autonomy of educated urban women and their attitude towards female foeticide in India


The Sex-ratio in India is continuously declining in spite of gradually increasing literacy
among women. For long, it was thought that illiteracy and female subjugation is the reason
why women are unable to stand for their rights. As such, large scale attempts and programs
had been taken to increase the literacy of women. But in spite of the spread of female
education and increasing women autonomy in Urban India, the female foeticide has
continued to increase. Most of the results in the recent reports suggest that child sex ratio is
inversely linked to female literacy and female economic activity rate, especially in urban
India. Thus, this study is an attempt to prove that simply increasing the female literacy and
autonomy without bringing about the change in mind-set will not be completely successful in
combating the problem of female foeticide. It explores the level of autonomy being enjoyed
by the Women of Patna, their attitude towards female foeticide and also the factors which
arouse the son-preference in them.

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Issue: Volume 9, Issue 1, 2015