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Effects of postsocialist deindustrialization in Central and Eastern Europe: Results of an industrial site survey and GIS mapping in Bucharest City, Romania


This paper examines effects of postsocialist deindustrialization through a case study from Bucharest City, Romania. The paper use scientific papers and real estate company reports to analyse the postsocialist transformation of former industrial buildings in Central-Eastern European countries, and an industrial site survey and GIS mapping for Bucharest City. The results show a common pattern for the postsocialist countries, with effects on diminishing the role of industry in the total economy, the tendency to convert the plants to residential and commercial use. In several cases the plants are fragmented in small production units or abandoned awaiting for a new purpose. Socio-economic transformation suggests a transition to service sector for the labour market. The paper concludes that transformation of postsocialist plants might required attention from owners and public administration, especially for the buildings with the historical and architectural meaning.

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Issue: Volume 10, Issue 1, 2016