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Experiences of disadvantaged African-Canadian migrants in Ontario, Canada


This article provides a sociological analysis of the disadvantaged African Canadian migrants’ experiences and challenges of the integration process in the province of Ontario. In this qualitative study, migrants discussed the challenges of resettlement, livelihood, health, and social well-being from their perspectives. They shared their personal experiences with housing, health services, lack of work, and access to social support services. Data used in this research come from transcribed stories gathered through intensive one-on-one interviews with 26 African Canadian migrants, each lasting 1−2 hours, and three focus groups with 30 others. The 56 participants in the study were recruited from three Ontario cities of Ottawa, Toronto, and Kitchener. The survey covered the period from March 2013 to October 2017. Using the grounded theory (GT) method, interviews were transcribed, coded, categorised, and analysed using NVivo 10. In this study, participants have shared their experiences with racism and discrimination, and most have cited lack of access to adequate social programs, employment support, and resettlement services as the most significant barriers to meaningful social and economic integration. They reiterated the importance of employment support and social services programs tailored toward migrants’ needs with an emphasis on socio-political, cultural, and economic integration.

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Issue: Volume 13, Issue 1, 2019

From (self-)exclusion to integration: the case of Roma in Romania


After providing a historical context covering the salient features of the last two centuries which have seen great changes in socioeconomic fortunes and political subordination, this article attempts aconceptualisation on Roma’s exclusion which constitutes an important part of the ‘poverty

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Issue: Volume 3, Issue 2, 2009