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Using cellular automata to simulate tourism growth. Case study: Iaşi city

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The analyse of land-use change has a meaningful importance in scholars research. Hence, the influence of the urbanisation beneath the conditions that lead to the increase of tourism activity in urban areas it is connected with the extinction of the land-use space. Given the fact that the development of urbanisation leads to tourism development, this paper aims to shape a model of urban growth for the city of Iaşi which emphasises the spatio-temporal growth of the city with impact on tourism growth. The data used was Corine Land Cover (CLC) for 2000 and 2006 years. The type of land use, the areas and the relationship of the driving factors were identified for further analysis. The methodology included Geographic Information System (GIS) spatial analysis and statistic functions of it. In order to obtain the model of urban growth which sustains the hypothesis that the urban increase leads to tourism development, an urban growth simulation was made through Pyhton language programming by cellular automata (CA) method.

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Issue: Volume 12, Issue 1, 2018

Livestock production in Czechia and Slovakia, ten years beyond EU accession

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The contribution deals with the impact of the Common Agricultural Policy of the European Union on agriculture of the Czech and Slovak Republic, focusing on livestock production. The analysis is focused on ten years’ development of livestock production after the entry of the Czech and Slovak Republic into the EU. Both countries are evaluated in the mutual comparison of selected indicators such as gross agricultural production, stock of animals, intensity of production or agricultural employment. Part of the contribution is the demonstration of the regional differentiation and trends in livestock production taking place in the Czech and Slovak Republic. In conclusion, we examine the consequences of decline in livestock production in the Czech and Slovak Republic reflected in the foreign trade between these countries, and it is closely connected with state sovereignty in livestock products.

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Issue: Volume 11, Issue 1, 2017

Brownfield sites – between abandonment and redevelopment case study: Craiova city

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This paper addresses the problem of Brownfield sites in Craiova City. The brownfield sites are of primary importance because they do not only influence the natural environment but also have socio-economic influences on the city in broad meaning: problems in attracting investors, decreasing the attractiveness of real estate properties, the increased rate of unemployment or the consumption of greenfields. Despite this, there is a lack or insufficient information among the decision makers. The general urban plan of Craiova City does not identify the existence of any brownfield site. Moreover, the official planning papers developed by the local authorities (such as The Local Development Strategy and the Integrated Plan for Urban Development) make no references to the brownfield sites. In this respect, the first part of the papers addresses the concept of brownfield and also identifies and maps the types of brownfields in Craiova. Based on specific and relevant case studies, the second part is critically examining the evolution patterns of the brownfield sites within the last decades. Specific management solutions for the reuse and redevelopment of the brownfield sites are also put forward. The paper addresses primarily the and use planners, in order to provide them with a better understanding of what brownfield site are, their nature, scale and patterns.

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Issue: Volume 6, Issue 1, 2012

Geographical Analysis of the Land Fragmentation Process Based on Participatory Mapping and Satellite Images. Case Studies of Ciorogârla and Vănătorii Mici From the Bucharest Metropolitan Area


Farm fragmentation, in which a household operates more than one separate parcel of land, is common phenomenon in the Romanian agriculture. Two case studies of land fragmentation in Bucharest metropolitan area were conducted to develop appropriate techniques for quantifying it

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Issue: Volume 2, Issue 1, 2008