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Transformation of tourist landscapes in mountain areas: Case studies from Slovakia

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After two decades of deregulated free market economy the post-socialist rural mountain areas are being unprecedently commodified. Landscapes of tourist consumption with specific behaviour patterns are produced and reproduced. The paper explores how landscapes are transformed due to massive investments into tourist infrastructure with questionable impacts on quality of life and environmental sustainability. Power relations and related production of space are analysed in three case studies in the selected mountain areas in Slovakia. First, the Oščadnica case study reflects on rural landscape rapidly transformed by massive ski resort development and deforestation. Second, the Tále golf course development case study describes commodification and gentrification processes in Central Slovakia. Third, the High Tatras case study explores how power structures push on the transformation of the oldest and most visited National Park in Slovakia.

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Issue: Volume 5, Issue 2, 2011

La taille des logements, densité et attachement résidentiels – facteurs limitatifs de l’habitat urbain Bucarestois à l’impact visible sur la qualité de vie


Full text .pdf One of the most important life quality’s domains is housing quality related in extenso to the human activities within infrastructure or urban equipment or stricto senso by housing standard highlighted by  person per room, crowded dwellings, median

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Issue: Volume 1, Issue 1, 2007