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Territorial dynamics of tourism in Romania: a long-term perspective (1990 – 2016)

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Tourism has gradually become one of the major interests of the European Union, as its potential for promoting a balanced development of the regions became more and more acknowledged. In Romania, the growth of tourism after 2000 and, in particular, the preference towards rural tourism in that period, set a fertile background for the European policies regarding tourism. The aim of the study is to analyse territorial dynamics of tourism in Romania, focusing on the evolution particularities of different types of territories according to their economic status, but also according to their specific type of tourism. The results of the study provide a detailed image of the spatial evolution of Romanian tourism and highlight that the tendencies of tourism dispersion appear to be insufficient for preventing a clustered pattern. The results of the study can have high relevance for properly directing investments in tourism and creating differentiated policies depending on a territory’s particularities.

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Issue: Volume 13, Issue 1, 2019