La taille des logements, densité et attachement résidentiels – facteurs limitatifs de l’habitat urbain Bucarestois à l’impact visible sur la qualité de vie

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Issue: Volume 1, Issue 1, 2007

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One of the most important life quality’s domains is housing quality related in extenso to the human activities within infrastructure or urban equipment or stricto senso by housing standard highlighted by  person per room, crowded dwellings, median living surface and comfort. Residential satisfaction, owner occupiers, households characteristics are very important issues in order to underline the social patterns of the living habitat. The residential satisfaction, an obsolete housing stock, crowded dwelling represent the key – elements of the Romanian communism heritage. The techniques available are “objective” or “subjective” (objective criteria – median living surface, number of person by room – subjective criteria involve the residents of an area determining their own perception of housing). The factor analysis technique enables to examine a large number of variables related to the residential satisfaction. The principal components have been used to provide partial explanation of residential satisfaction.

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