Principles of interpretation, tourism and heritage interpretation – the experience of Romanian museums

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Issue: Volume 10, Issue 1, 2016


This paper aims to present a generic theoretical framework related to interpretation as a field of study focusing on tourism interpretation and heritage interpretation. It primarily focuses on discussing the international evolution of this field and the principles of interpretation as presented by their author, Freeman Tilden. Secondly, the paper attempts to analyze to what extent modern interpretation is experienced in Romania by means of two relevant case studies selected. The two case studies selected are significant and symbolic institutions within their system, well known and internationally visited: the Peasant Museum in Bucharest and the Memorial to the Victims of Communism and to the Resistance in Sighetu Marmatiei. Thirdly, the paper draws a broader picture showing whether the principles of interpretation and heritage interpretation are familiar to Romanian museums and to what extent they are in use

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Daniela Dumbraveanu*, Ana Craciun, Anca Tudoricu
University of Bucharest, Romania
* Corresponding author. Email:



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