The quality of dwellings in the Romanian Danube valley

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Issue: Volume 11, Issue 1, 2017


The quality of dwelling, one of the main components of the urban and rural living conditions, is the result of political, legislative, economic, demographic contexts. The present paper approaches the complex issues of dwelling quality in the Romanian Danube Valley, based on the territorial disparities (LAU2 level) of three types of statistical indicators: dwelling stock (% of finished dwellings, % of finished dwellings out of the total number of dwellings), dwelling development indicators (living floor/m2 dwelling, living floor m2/inhabitant, density of dwellings) and comfort indicators (access to drinking water, sewerage, electricity, etc.). Differences in the Danube Valley dwelling quality are revealed by the Dwelling Quality Index (DQI).

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Irena Mocanu, Bianca Mitricã*, Nicoleta Damian, Mihaela Rodica Persu
Institute of Geography, Romania
* Corresponding author. Email:



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