Effects of international migration and remittances on rural households in Edo State, Nigeria

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Issue: Volume 14, Issue 1, 2020


This paper focuses on the effects of international migration and received remittances on rural households in Edo State, Nigeria. The empirical results are based on a quantitative and qualitative survey of 240 household heads. The findings show that some households in the study received remittances from migrants outside the country in cash and items; the dominant channel for receiving money being Western Union money transfer. The mean amount received by households in the past 12 months was N543,000. Households who received money in the past 12 months used it for the purchase of food items, debt repayment and the education of household members. Data revealed that international migration affected households’ agricultural productive capacity in ways such as a decline in food production and farming activities. There was a significant difference in assets such as plots of land and the number of houses owned after migrants left overseas. Considering the poverty reduction effect that international remittances have, this type of remittances must be encouraged. Moreover, policies to encourage better use of remittance funds could be focused more on small household size, female-headed households and households with elderly heads as they are likely to receive more remittances.

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Irenonsen Oyaimare Uddin (1)*, Edwin Mbadiwe Igbokwe (1)
1) University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Nigeria
* Corresponding author
Email: uddinirenonsen@gmail.com


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