Changes Inside the Age – Gender Structure of Population Within the Trascău Mountains Area

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Issue: Volume 2, Issue 1, 2008

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The transformations taken place since 1989 both on a political and on an economical level have influenced the demographical structure of the population of Trasc u Mountains. The economic and social decline has emphasized the depopulation process, disrupted the balance inside the age-gender structure reducing the natural increase rate and thus reducing the life quality and the life expectancy in this region. In the analysed period the demographic ageing of the rural population has reached the highest levels therefore today each forth person from the Trasc u Mountains is elderly ( 60 years old). The age-gender structure is of outmost importance, with remarkable demographical and economic consequences, and its detailed analysis allows the author to estimate the present and future potential of the structure’s progressive tendencies, as well as the differences existing within the territory. The agegender structure of the population is the result of a number of factors that varied in time, and that is strictly conditioned by the natural growth of the population and bears the mark of the events that took place prior to realising this analysis.

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