Geographical Analysis of the Land Fragmentation Process Based on Participatory Mapping and Satellite Images. Case Studies of Ciorogârla and Vănătorii Mici From the Bucharest Metropolitan Area

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Issue: Volume 2, Issue 1, 2008

Farm fragmentation, in which a household operates more than one separate parcel of land, is common phenomenon in the Romanian agriculture. Two case studies of land fragmentation in Bucharest metropolitan area were conducted to develop appropriate techniques for quantifying it since 1990. Methods were derived from participatory mapping approach, based on satellite images and land registers, and were rendered at a commune level by use of GIS. This study emphasizes that an approach based on participatory mapping and deep level interviewers provides valuable results relevant for land consolidations strategies in changing urban area. Policymakers should focus instead on mitigating the root causes of land fragmentation: inefficiencies in land, labour market, loan, and food markets.

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