Urban (In)security: Between Appearance and Reality in Bucharest

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Issue: Volume 2, Issue 2, 2008

Author Affiliations

University of Bucharest, Department of Geography, Bucharest, Romania

Email: mirellanae@yahoo.com

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Social disorganization has become a significant issue for social geography. In addition, the territoriality of urban space is deeply embedded in social relations. At the local level, the type of local support for the social community and the role of the urban actors involved are a critical issue. Moreover, city centre redevelopment emphasises commercial growth that advances private interest entrepreneurships whilst the revitalisation of neglected neighbourhoods is a lower priority for the local authorities. Urban violence and the increasing sense of insecurity are phenomena which affect the quality of life. This article focuses on perceived urban (in)security within Bucharest using the results of questionnaires conducted in 36 districts of the city.

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