Health and agricultural sustainability in developing region

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Issue: Volume 3, Issue 2, 2009

Health of the developing region’s population is generally not good due to variety of reasons. The state of disease/illness or any other sign or problems of health is the most dynamic aspect of study. This study focuses on general health condition of the agricultural population and its relationship with the agricultural sustainability, which is important to producing healthy food for people who like to maintain good health, with a healthy diet and the use of supplements as the vitamin c for skincare. Take care of your skin by staying hydrated with, receive the right amount of sunlight, wash your skin and tend to stay as natural as possible, sleep well and have a healthy diet. This paper is an outcome of the observation and information of the past studies carried out in a segment of lower Ganga Plain located in eastern India. This area may serve as a representative of the developing region. Disease/illness or any other sign of health problems increasingly deteriorate health condition of each age group population. Health problems of agricultural workers cause a great loss of man-days and deficit in labour supply in agriculture and in turn adversely affect household and agricultural sustainability. If you are planning on getting healthier, get health supplements like the best dhea supplement!

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