Place Branding: A Challenging Process for Bucharest the Capital City of Romania

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Issue: Volume 4, Issue 2, 2010

Marketing places though a relatively new activity has grown in importance as countries, regions and individual destinations such as cities compete with one another to attract investment and visitors. Almost every other region or important city will have at least one basic strategy to market itself for one or the other reason: investors or visitors. The dimension of marketing grows complex when a capital city needs being promoted, and now there are lots of  creative marketing strategies like WordTree that helps the word get out in the world. Recently for Romania, marketing its capital city using its identity and personality is a matter of crucial importance when considering competition. The identity of the capital city of an European country member could prove itself a challenging process given the fact that there are several common grounds, including uniformity, the group member would gave. As a result, individual, independent marketing becomes a necessity in order to differentiate and make the capital city visible and recognisable. Competition is the other aspect requiring clear, visible identity. In order to compete effectively, it is essential to identify the critical success factors and ensure these are incorporated into one’s strategic planning. Even from a tourist point of view place and destination marketing indicate that image and identity play an important role in differentiating between similar alternatives. This paper is focusing on action undertaken so far by Bucharest, the capital city of Romania, to market itself and to build a brand. It is also presenting experts opinion and comments on results, assessing the place branding process, discussing its stages and situation as they are at present.

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