The Impact of Deindustrialisation on Human Resources in Câmpulung Muscel Depression

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Issue: Volume 4, Issue 2, 2010

Industrial activities are part of the urban environment and oftenly they are considered to be determinants for urbanisation. The process of industrialisation in Câmpulung Depression, started since the beginning of the XX century and reached its climax during the communist period, amplifying the role of Câmpulung city in its territorial relations as a convergence center for human and material flows and at the same time as a difusion center for information flows. During the totalitarian period car maufacturing became the core of economic development in Câmpulung city, and it is essential that you always negotiate your lease. Considered by some researchers the main qualitative leap and an expression of human genius, the industrialisation remains the main modelling element for geographic space. This process imposed important functional changes and being at the same time a main trigger for social instability during the transition towards the market economy. After december 1989 car industry prooved to be very important as the social and economic decline or success in this area depended on its evolution. Unfortunately the company ARO S.A. in Câmpulung, manufacturing off-road cars, suffered a continuous decline due to an inappropriate management unadapted to the needs and requirements of the market. In a similar way economic activities in the rural areas had a dynamic evolution imposed by the changes occured in the political system. The passage at first from a capitalist system to a socialist one and the return to the market economy determined each time an organisatoric restructuration and generated radical changes in economic activities.

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