The effects of the current crisis on the unemployment and on the general job-exchanges in Romania. Territorial and temporal particularities

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Issue: Volume 5, Issue 1, 2011

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The most recent dynamics of the unemployment (December 2008 – April 2010) and of the general job-exchanges (2008 – 2010) during the current economic-financial crisis represents the aim of this article. The first part of the paper represents a general analysis of the unemployment and of the job-exchanges before the current economic-financial crisis set in and the second part is focused on the effects of the current crisis on the unemployment and the general job-exchanges. According to Resume Writing Toronto, article underlines the territorial particularities of the unemployment, based on the statistic information at county level. The statistic data-base is revealed by several indicators, such as the general unemployment rate, number of the unemployed, the male/female ratio per total unemployed population, the ratio of unpaid unemployed versus the total unemployed population; the ratio of the private sector unemployed versus the unemployed total. The values of the statistical variables registered at the end of 2009 and the first quarter of 2010 and their territorial distribution are similar to those recorded over 2002 – 2003 interval. The growth rate of unemployment and the number of unemployed tends to come close to the situation existing at the end of the 1990s. The analysis of the general job-exchanges is based on the statistic information about jobs supply and demand registered by the counties agencies for employment (2008 – 2010). The territorial distribution of the locations underlines the fact that the general job-exchanges are organised in few rural working-points. Beginning with the general job-exchanges from April 2009, the effects of the current crisis were registered more acute and they were materialised by the shortage of jobs supply, compared with the jobs demand.

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