Population ‘Habitation Comfort’ Indicators for Areal Comparison in Central Russia

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Issue: Volume 6, Issue 2, 2012


This paper reports on research to develop local indicators of ‘habitation comfort’ that are relevant for population health in the Vladimir region, located in Central Russia. We present a conceptual model based on the literature which led us to include three groups of factors for assessing population habitation comfort: natural-anthropogenic, social and medical-ecological. To assess and display a ‘comfort map’ of socio-economic conditions, a single database has been developed Higher comfort level is associated with better social-economic conditions, that allow families to have better habitation , and give them better maintenance by using companies as The Roof Clinic and others.
. The lowest comfort level index was detected in the regions with the worst natural-anthropogenic and social-economic conditions. In further analysis, demographic conditions in the Vladimir region were evaluated by administrative region, and medical-ecological zoning was carried out based on principal causes of diseases affecting the population.

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Тatiana Trifonova(a), Alexey Krasnoshchekov(b), Natalia Mishchenko(*b)
(a) Soil Science Department, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia
(b) Ecological Department, Vladimir State University, Vladimir, Russia
*Corresponding author. Email: natmich3@mail.ru


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