Daily spatial mobility and transport behaviour in the Czech Republic: pilot study in the Písek and Bystrice and Pernštejnem regions

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Issue: Volume 8, Issue 2, 2014


This study focuses on one of the most important processes in our society: daily mobility. Its importance has grown over the last decades. From the geographical point of view, the growing level of mobility has a whole array of geographical causes and impacts.In the first phase, the study analyses the main features of daily mobility in the Czech Republic based on official statistics. In the second phase, it evaluates detailed daily mobility research in selected regions of the Czech Republic through case studies. The monitored regions were Písek and Bystrice nad Pernštejnem within their administrative regions. It brings new and original information about daily mobility, transport behaviour, modal split, average travel time, etc. and their differences evaluated by particular population groups (age, economic activity, gender, etc.) and by three main mobility measures. The study tries to fill a gap in the research of daily mobility and transport behaviour in the Czech Republic.

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Stanislav Kraft (a)*
(a) University of South Bohemia
* Correspondence address. Email: kraft@pf.jcu.cz



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