Dynamics of housing stock in Romania – between politics and policies

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Issue: Volume 9, Issue 2, 2015


The dynamics of the housing stock is one of the indicators used to express the state of the economy. In post-Communist Romania, the dynamics of housing construction sector reflected the changing of the markets estate, economic and housing policies of the country. As well, new housing characteristics (type, size, location, construction materials etc.) translate a paradigm shift of housing and/or social transformations of the meanings of housing, living environments, and residential areas. In this respect, the analysis of the dynamics of the housing stock in various morphological categories, legal or living environments at different territorial scales allows assessment of economic development disparities in Romania. Constructive practices of the past 25 years have evolved and diversified. The framework of the building sector, the categories of actors involved in the production or financing of housing multiplied, housing needs of the population have changed as well. The dynamic of real estate markets was strongly influenced by the dynamics of the housing stock. A geographical approach to the dynamics of housing stock in urban and rural areas of Romania will be drawn using regionalised statistics methods, correlated with institutional context analysis. The study aims to identify and analyse the main features of the dynamics of the housing stock in Romania, being privileged perspective and spatial components analysis regionally different types of housing. Also, analysis of the dynamics of the housing stock is correlated with the dynamics of the legal, urban planning and lending. The results of this study can be used to base the futures housing policy in Romania.

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Daniel Vîrdol(a)*, Bogdan Suditu (b), Liliana Dumitrache (c), Daniel Gabriel Vâlceanu (d)
(a) National Institute of Statistics, Romania
(b) University of Bucharest, Romania
(c) University of Bucharest, Romania
* Corresponding author. Email: b_suditu@yahoo.fr



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