Table of Contents, Volume 2 Issue 1, May 2008

Elena Bogan
Changes Inside the Age – Gender Structure of Population Within the Trascău Mountains Area
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Andreea – Loreta Cepoiu
The Dynamics of the Industrial Units within the Bucharest Metropolitan Area
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Cristian Ciobanu
The Mental Map of Neighborhoods in Bucharest Introductive Study of Mental Geography
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Ana. I. Dincă
Host Community Perspective on Social Sustainable Tourism – Case Study of Gura Humorului – Bârgău Transcarpathian Corridor
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Alina Mareci
The Degree of Accessibility to Health Care – Issues Concerning the North-Eastern Population of Romania
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Irena Mocanu
Territorial Social and Economic Disparities Within the Development of Arad County
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Radu-Daniel Pintilii
Structural Axes and Poles Within the Bucharest Influence Area
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Gabriel Simion
Geographical Analysis of the Land Fragmentation Process Based on Participatory Mapping and Satellite Images. Case Studies of Ciorogârla and Vănătorii Mici From the Bucharest Metropolitan Area
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Anca Tudoricu
Event Tourism in Romania – A Tourist Profile
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