TOC, Volume 10, Issue 1, 2016

Mirosław Mika, Bernadetta Zawilinska, Robert Pawlusinski
Exploring the economic impact of national parks on the local economy. Functional approach in the context of Poland's transition economy
Abstract & Full text | doi: 10.5719/hgeo.2016.101.1

Kristína Bilková, František Križan, Peter Barlík
Consumers preferences of shopping centers in Bratislava (Slovakia)
Abstract & Full text | doi: 10.5719/hgeo.2016.101.2

Liliana Dumitrache, Daniela Zamfir, Mariana Nae, Gabriel Simion, Ilinca-Valentina Stoica
The Urban Nexus: Contradictions and Dilemmas of (Post)Communist (Sub)Urbanization in Romania
Abstract & Full text | doi: 10.5719/hgeo.2016.101.3

Daniela Dumbraveanu, Ana Craciun, Anca Tudoricu
Principles of interpretation, tourism and heritage interpretation – the experience of Romanian museums
Abstract & Full text | doi: 10.5719/hgeo.2016.101.4

Gabriel Simion
Effects of postsocialist deindustrialization in Central and Eastern Europe: Results of an industrial site survey and GIS mapping in Bucharest City, Romania
Abstract & Full text | doi: 10.5719/hgeo.2016.101.5