TOC, Volume 10, Issue 1, 2016 (In Progress)

Mirosław Mika, Bernadetta Zawilinska, Robert Pawlusinski
Exploring the economic impact of national parks on the local economy. Functional approach in the context of Poland's transition economy
Abstract & Full text | doi: 10.5719/hgeo.2016.101.1

Kristína Bilková, František Križan, Peter Barlík
Consumers preferences of shopping centers in Bratislava (Slovakia)
Abstract & Full text | doi: 10.5719/hgeo.2016.101.2

TOC, Volume 9, Issue 2, 2015

Robert S. Bristow
Sea, Sun, Sand and …. Selecting Surgery: an Exploration of Health, Medical and Wellness
Abstract & Full text | doi: 10.5719/hgeo.2015.92.1

Carlos Siordia, Claudia J. Coulton
Using hand-draw maps of residential neighbourhood to compute level of circularity and investigate its predictors
Abstract & Full text | doi: 10.5719/hgeo.2015.92.2

Mihail Eva, Corneliu Iatu
Modelling spatial accessibility to medical care. Case study of the North-Eastern Region of Romania
Abstract & Full text | doi: 10.5719/hgeo.2015.92.3

Muhammad Miandad, Farkhunda Burke, Syed Nawaz-ul-Huda, Muhammad Azam
Geodemographic analysis of tuberculosis patients in Karachi, Pakistan
Abstract & Full text | doi: 10.5719/hgeo.2015.92.4

Tara Brabazon, Leanne McRae, Steve Redhead
The pushbike song: Rolling physical cultural studies through the landscape
Abstract & Full text | doi: 10.5719/hgeo.2015.92.5

Daniel Vîrdol, Bogdan Suditu, Liliana Dumitrache, Daniel Gabriel Vâlceanu
Dynamics of housing stock in Romania – between politics and policies
Abstract & Full text | doi: 10.5719/hgeo.2015.92.6

B.R.K. Sinha
A methodology of measuring human health
Abstract & Full text | doi: 10.5719/hgeo.2015.92.7

Janet Speake, Leopoul Nchawa Yangke
“What do I do with my old mobile phones? I just put them in a drawer”: Attitudes and perspectives towards the disposal of mobile phones in Liverpool, UK
Abstract & Full text | doi: 10.5719/hgeo.2015.92.8