TOC, Volume 13 Issue 2, 2019

Duong Huy Phan, Tuyen Quang Tran, Anh Phan, Lam Xuan Hoang A quantitative analysis of farmland and households' livelihood in rural Vietnam
Abstract & Full text | doi: 10.5719/hgeo.2019.132.1

Farhia A. Abdi, Kon K Madut
How can civil society support reconciliations and civil engagement in Somalia?
Abstract & Full text | doi: 10.5719/hgeo.2019.132.2

Sofiane Bounaceur, Ahmed Boumediene, Hocine Nechniche, Ghouti Abdellaoui GIS application for the evaluation of accessibility indicators of the road network between two hospitals: Case study - Tlemcen City (Algeria)
Abstract & Full text | doi: 10.5719/hgeo.2019.132.3

Gabriela Manea, Laura Maria Orbu, Elena Matei, Mihaela Preda, Iuliana Vijulie, Roxana Cuculici, Octavian Cocoș, Alexandra Zaharia
Heritage advantages vs. economic constraints in the sustainable development framing: A study on social perception in Apuseni Mountains Natural Park
Abstract & Full text | doi: 10.5719/hgeo.2019.132.4

Astrid Meilasari-Sugiana, Tri Susanto, Mirsa Novianti
Jakarta’s WARTEG food stall phenomenon: Constraints and opportunities for integration
Abstract & Full text | doi: 10.5719/hgeo.2019.132.5

Rini Rachmawati
Toward better City Management through Smart City implementation
Abstract & Full text | doi: 10.5719/hgeo.2019.132.6