Table of Contents, Volume 9 Issue 2, November 2015

Robert S. Bristow
Sea, Sun, Sand and …. Selecting Surgery: an Exploration of Health, Medical and Wellness
Abstract & Full text | doi: 10.5719/hgeo.2015.92.1

Carlos Siordia, Claudia J. Coulton
Using hand-draw maps of residential neighbourhood to compute level of circularity and investigate its predictors
Abstract & Full text | doi: 10.5719/hgeo.2015.92.2

Mihail Eva, Corneliu Iatu
Modelling spatial accessibility to medical care. Case study of the North-Eastern Region of Romania
Abstract & Full text | doi: 10.5719/hgeo.2015.92.3

Muhammad Miandad, Farkhunda Burke, Syed Nawaz-ul-Huda, Muhammad Azam
Geodemographic analysis of tuberculosis patients in Karachi, Pakistan
Abstract & Full text | doi: 10.5719/hgeo.2015.92.4

Tara Brabazon, Leanne McRae, Steve Redhead
The pushbike song: Rolling physical cultural studies through the landscape
Abstract & Full text | doi: 10.5719/hgeo.2015.92.5

Daniel Vîrdol, Bogdan Suditu, Liliana Dumitrache, Daniel Gabriel Vâlceanu
Dynamics of housing stock in Romania – between politics and policies
Abstract & Full text | doi: 10.5719/hgeo.2015.92.6

B.R.K. Sinha
A methodology of measuring human health
Abstract & Full text | doi: 10.5719/hgeo.2015.92.7

Janet Speake, Leopoul Nchawa Yangke
“What do I do with my old mobile phones? I just put them in a drawer”: Attitudes and perspectives towards the disposal of mobile phones in Liverpool, UK
Abstract & Full text | doi: 10.5719/hgeo.2015.92.8