Table of Contents, Volume 12 Issue 1, May 2018

Bob Jarvis
Creating the Image of Bucharest in art (1850 – 2017)
Abstract & Full text | doi: 10.5719/hgeo.2018.121.1

Nothile P. Ndimande
Student housing and the slummification of the University of Zululand village in KwaDlangezwa, South Africa
Abstract & Full text | doi: 10.5719/hgeo.2018.121.2

Rini Rachmawati, Sinthia Alfianita Hapsari, Anggun Mutiara Cita
Virtual space utilization in the Digital SMEs Kampongs: implementation of Smart City and Region
Abstract & Full text | doi: 10.5719/hgeo.2018.121.3

Houshmand E. Masoumi, Maryamsadat Hosseini, Amr Ah. Gouda
Drivers of urban sprawl in two large Middle-eastern countries: literature on Iran and Egypt
Abstract & Full text | doi: 10.5719/hgeo.2018.121.4

Mihaela Preda, Ana Irina Lequeux-Dincă, Iuliana Vijulie, Alina Mareci, Ana-Maria Taloş, Anca Tudoricu
Exploring the symbolism of traditional Szekely gates in heritage tourism
Abstract & Full text | doi: 10.5719/hgeo.2018.121.5

Walid Hamma, Alexandru-Ionuţ Petrişor
Urbanization and risks: case of Bejaia city in Algeria
Abstract & Full text | doi: 10.5719/hgeo.2018.121.6

Cristina Lupu, Peng Xie, Ionel Muntele
Using cellular automata to simulate tourism growth. Case study: Iaşi city
Abstract & Full text | doi: 10.5719/hgeo.2018.121.7