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Youth environmental complaints in Bahawalpur City, Pakistan: An informational intervention for local environmental governance

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The paper comprises the concept of environmental governance, and the role played by institutions and citizens particularly youth about the environmental problems complaints. It represents an initial attempt to construct a fresh approach to the field of environmental governance by considering youth complaints as an important source of information for the management authorities. Local organizations and institutions are considered in order to collect information about the number and types of complaints in context of environmental problems. Moreover, the resolved and unresolved complaints data is also collected through Tehsil Municipal Administration complaints cell and particular actions are analyzed. The complaints received from citizens are categorized on the basis of age structure. Results clearly show the interest of youth regarding environmental problems as well as the local authorities response of these complaints are recorded in the through textual interviews results. The complaints received made it very easy for the authorities to analyze the environmental problems at union council level and resolved complaints shows the attention of local authorities towards these problems. Youth as being educated and most active part of the community can play its vital role in this process. Youth, by its participation can make this complaint process as an important avenue for community participation in environmental governance and policies. The paper gives a fresh idea of youth involvement by analyzing their interests in the city environment related problems. It gives an approach of developing collaboration between youth community and municipality for better planning of the city problems.

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Issue: Volume 7, Issue 1, 2013