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Stakeholder perspectives on climate change effects on tourism activities in the northern Romanian Carpathians: Vatra Dornei resort case study

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Less approached by scientific literature, stakeholder perspective on the effects of climate change for tourism activities is a very actual topic. As an essential part of the complex study of climate – tourism relationship, it needs to be investigated and illustrated through study cases. The present paper approaches this original topic for Vatra Dornei complex spa and mountain resort. Located in the northern part of Romanian Carpathians this destination depends to a great extent on climate resources which show a clear variability of main parameters on which its outdoor activities are based. In this context the voice of stakeholders involved in the local tourism industry is of great importance to certify and illustrate previously obtained modeling evidences. The present paper consequently outlines the main results of a survey undertaken on the topic of climate change effects on tourism in Vatra Dornei in the attempt to better characterize this complex interrelationship.

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Issue: Volume 8, Issue 1, 2014