The influence of factors of migration on the migration status of rural-urban migrants in Dhaka, Bangladesh

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Issue: Volume 7, Issue 2, 2013


There are several factors, responsible for rural-urban migration, influence the migrant’s migration status. The main objective of this paper to discuss the influence of migration factors on the determination of migration status of the rural-urban migrants’. As a case study, this study purposively selected the largest slum of Bangladesh according to single criterion- high concentration of rural-urban migrants. A total of 263 face to face interviews and 5 FGDs were conducted. Respondents, who are household heads of the migrant families, were chosen randomly and interviewed using both open ended and close ended questionnaires and for data analyses, respondents were categorized into two divisions- temporary and permanent migrants. Multivariate analyses show that both push and pull factors influence the migration status of migrants’, however, social factors, except occupation at rural origin, do not have any considerable influences.

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Asif Ishtiaque*, Sofi Ullah
Department of Geography & Environment, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh
* Corresponding author. Email:



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