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GIS application for the evaluation of accessibility indicators of the road network between two hospitals: Case study – Tlemcen City (Algeria)

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The notion of mobility within the geographical space was founded on the decisions and activities of humans, whether in their daily life or certain specific professions (railway stations, airports, hospitals). The state of the transport structure networks and the efficiency and quality of their functioning create a spatial heterogeneity which results in more or less uncomfortable access conditions for the movement between two locations, thus affecting travel time. Measurements obtained through complete microscopic simulations determine any increase in value in travel time, which in turn makes it possible to predict network performance within congestion situation (functional vulnerability). In this paper, the authors suggest a GIS method in under to evaluate the intrinsic degrees of vulnerability based on travel time in the road network of Tlemcen city (Algeria) as well as on the structural and functional state of the road network and the way length in order to optimize the travel time required for a hospital emergency service. This may reduce casualities, all too often caused by choosing an inappropriate route.

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Issue: Volume 13, Issue 2, 2019

From airports to airport territories: expansions, potentials, conflicts


Airports, as nodes in world transport networks, have been studied mostly in their role as hubs in the spatial strategies of airlines. This paper examines the role of airports as engines of growth in their local surroundings and the complexity of the spatial system of the airport at the local and regional scale. It studies how to ensure an efficient movement of planes of the airside and an efficient access point to airports on the landside while taking into account the interests of people living next to airports, who are heavily impacted the noise generated by aircraft, as well as considering where should new airports be built.

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Issue: Volume 12, Issue 2, 2018